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Wilson Clubs
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 Driver vs. Driver
 on The Golf Channel
 New episodes every Tuesday night from 10pm -11pm EST.
 How did the idea of Driver vs Driver originate?
 Good ideas can come from anywhere. Each year, hundreds of enthusiasts send widgets to Wilson in the hopes of helping golfers improve their game. Driver vs. Driver gives enthusiasts and players alike insight into the process of engineering state-of-the-art products worthy of the Wilson name. Devoted to golf for over 100 years, Wilson Staff has won more majors than any other manufacturer. As the originator of many wood technologies, W/S has been and continues to be at the helm of modern advances.
 When and where will I be able to purchase the final winning driver?
 Airing on Tuesday, November 22nd, the final episode will reveal the winning driver. Immediately after the premier of this episode, drivers will be available right in the Pro Shop of Knollwood Fairways